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“Inclusion means that all people” of all abilities “have the right to be” actively involved in their communities (Institute for Community Inclusion).

Wonderlight is passionate about ensuring that children are included in extracurricular activities alongside their peers. It is our pleasure to work with your child, family, and community staff in order to make this possible. If your child wants to be involved in a community activity, but needs extra support, we are here to help.

The process involves three important steps.

  1. One of our experienced therapists assesses your child’s performance within his or her community activity of choice.

  2. We create an inclusion plan. Then, we train your family and the involved community staff on how to best implement that plan to support your child within the activity’s environment.

  3. We observe your child within the extracurricular activity in order to ensure that necessary supports are being implemented to best promote your child’s participation.

We offer community services so that your child may participate in:

  • Martial arts classes

  • Sports teams

  • Summer camps

  • Girl scouts or boy scouts

  • School clubs

  • Pre-school

  • And more…

Contact Us if you would like your child to be involved in our community services.